Life in Spain Part 1 - Work
I get so many questions about my life here in Spain, both my e-mail and comments, and I've promised to give you all a proper answer in a blogpost, so here we go..

First of all, the thing I'v understood that you chicas are most interested to get to know more about is my job! So I'm working as a freelance stylist here on the island. We are a team of four; a professional photographer, a hair & make up artist and another photograph who's doing videos, and together we make the weekly Fashion Blog Wednesday sessions. My responsibility here is to organize all within the clothing part, such as deciding the brief(which I do on pinterest), sourcing clothes from different stores, where I am the one who's in charge of creating collaborations with the local stores here in Palma. The pictures and videos are being posted on our blog and they're also being published in the ABC-Mallorca Magazine and on their FB-page. This is something we mainly do for the pleasure and for the experience - and it is something that I truly enjoy doing!

I'm also in contact with the model agency Character's Models, which is one of the leading agencies on the island, where I've so far done one job together with the spanish singer, and now t become model, Fraag Malas. And hopefully I'll work more with them in the near future! *crossing my fingers*

Next week(or tomorrow) I also have an exciting job-interview that I will tell you more about as soon as I know more hehe....

Otherwise I've gotten one job offer to work as a seller in a real estate firm, but since I'm studying spanish four hour all days I've decided to wait with that at least until after I've finished my studies  - which is what I'll tell you more about in part 2.
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